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Merlin Superhero (Lupin III)

Merlin Fanvid
First season
Title: Superhero
Song: Superhero (Lupin III OST)
Length: 0:03:11
Format: avi
Summary: A crossover between Merlin and Lupin III
Download (megaupload):
-H264 (61,5 MB)
-Xvid (69,5 MB)

I took the idea for the story from the episode where Goemon (Arthur) was not part of the group yet.
Lupin (Merlin), Jigen (Gwen), and Fujiko (Morgana) are making plans to steal Goemon's *can-cut-trough-almost-anything* sword. Zenigata (Uther) is there too, ready to chase Lupin as usual.
As Lupin (Merlin) ends in the jail, Jigen (Gwen) and Fujiko (Morgana) steal around.
Goemon tries to get his sword back, but he accidentally becomes Lupin's fangirl (sorry, you can see Merthur simply won't leave me...). Lupin returns the sword in the end, and with Goemon joining the thieving group, we get 'the magnificent four.'
And, oh, Fujiko steals from Lupin too. (Wouldn't be Fujiko otherwise.)

As I've noticed many don't know Lupin III at all, I'm adding these character descriptions from the official page:

The world's greatest thief, Lupin is always out to steal high-profile treasures and Fujiko's heart! Master of disguise, this gentleman thief plans meticulous capers and delights in outwitting his nemesis, Interpol Inspector Zenigata. His escape skills are on par with Houdini's. While he often appears to be clownish or mumbling, the fact that eh remains on the loose and not in custody proves his "foolish" act to be mostly an act.

A marksman of uncanny skill and accuracy, JIgen can shoot the antennae off an ant. Surly and sarcastic, and almost always smoking, Jigen travels the world with partners Lupin and Goemon aiding in Lupin's grand heists.

Strong and usually silent, Goemin is a master samurai. With his sword, Zantetsu-ken, he can slice trough almost any substance - earth, brick, even metal. He frequently meditates and is often the voice of reason when a scheme backfires. Even without a sword, he is a formidable opponent.

Sometimes a rival for Lupin's targets and sometimes an ally, she is always a target for his heart. She rarely returns the affection, preferring to focus on getting the job done and getting richer. She uses her feminine wiles to their full advantage, emptying both men's hearts and their wallets. As beautiful as she is dangerous, Fujiko never hesitates to jump into action.

"Pops" as Lupin calls the inspector, is constantly frustrated by Lupin and his pals' ablity to escape his carefully constructed traps. Doggedly devoted to capturing the world's most wanted thief, Zenigata never gives ip, even though half the time he gets caught in his own snares.

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Tags: fanvid, merlin, merlin/arthur
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