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Merlin/Arthur Look at my 'girlfriend'

Merlin/Arthur Fanvid
Spoilers: First season
Title: Look at my 'girlfriend'
Song: 'Cupid's Chokehold' by Gym Class Heroes
Length: 0:04:03
: avi
-Megaupload  H264 (92,3 MB)
-Megaupload Xvid (92,4 MB) ;
-RapidShare (Xvid)
"Take a look at my 'girlfriend
She's He's the only one I got 
Not much of a 'girlfriend
I never seem to get a lot " 

"If that ain't love then I don't know what love is"

One of these days, YouTube is going to kill my joy of living. >:-(
Tags: fanvid, merlin/arthur, sometimes i hate youtube
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That is AMAZING. kurizumaru and I are standing here cracking up. LOL
:D Yay! Makes em really happy that you both liked it!
Bwaaaahaaaaahaha!!!! :D :D :D This is brilliant! OMG, I can't stop laughing! :D
Thanks bb, you made my day in the most wonderful way! ❤
Glad that it made you laugh! ^o^

Deleted comment

Thank you! :)
This is fantastic! I saw the song and started laughing immediately and then the video made it PERFECT!
Thank you! :D
When I accidentally hit this song on my playlist a few days ago, I started giggling like mad. XD That's what happens when you measure all songs with the Merthur-o-meter. ;)
"I can tell by the way she says my name"
That part was priceless!
Yes, I'm sure it's easy to feel the love there.. XD
Awesome! Thanks for the laugh. I was seriously in need of one. Perfect. XD
Thank you! I'm glad if the vid cheered you up a little! :)
I love all of your vids. This was wonderful!
^o^ *happy*
(Now I will salivate a little more over the fact that you're using the icon. :D)


9 years ago

that was absolutely brilliant! XDD
Thank you! :)
Yay! * <3 you too *
IDK why, but the thought of you laughing makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. *hugs*


9 years ago

LOL, this was hilarious. The clips were perfect. And I like the Arthur-Uther conversation/letter about Merlin.
I imagine this conversation happening with all the possible awkwardness on both sides. XD 8I don't know if I feel more sorry for Arthur or Uther.)
Goodness, that was HILARIOUS. The song + clips = cracktastic!
Thank you! Glad you liked it!
Yeah, the song itself is hilarious, so have could I resist to add it to the Merlin/Arthur craziness? :)
This is so PERFECT!!!!!! Love it :)
:D Very happy to hear that!
You are some kind of vidding savant, I swear. Because this song (which I haven't heard in forever &hearts) is just *perfect* for Arthur and Merlin. Arthur is *so* the kind of douchey guy who'd whine about not getting enough from his girlfriend. And I LOVE the introduction of Merlin scenes, to Uther, to Lancelot...

Absolutely wonderful! :D
Thank you!(Even if that sounds a bit like 'idiot savant.' ;))
Sounds a lot like prat!Arthur, sadly. I feel sorry for his manservant!girlfriend. ;) At least Arthur seems proud of his 'girlfriend enough' to introduce Merlin to Uther, Lancelot,.. :)


9 years ago

I cannot express how much I love this video. It's just so...GAH PERFECT BEYOND ALL PERFECTNESS.

Love it. It's awesome. And I've watched it one too many times already and still want to watch it EVEN MOAR.

*squishes you* You totally win.
Thank you, you're too kind! I'm happy that it makes you want to watch it again. :)


April 16 2009, 16:28:54 UTC 9 years ago

OMG you used the bada da da da song!!! XD


This was awesome my friend. i just had a major breakdown for some stupid reason xD it was really funny. I have no idea why i just got off the phone and burst into tears XD

i know o_o wtf?

this was WONDERFUL & amazing

and brilliant but of course we expect no less ;)

love love love it my friend =) really clever & funny =D made me smile a lot.


I was waiting for a video from you x) yayyy we got one :D
I'm going out to the cinema in minute (& im not ready at all XD) i'll be back at like 9ish :)

amazing work :D

haha i bet i sounded like a right randomer there XD

I forgot to log in. This is what your videos do- they just make me too excited to think, i have to make AWESOMELY silly shapes on your journal & post anonymously :)

that was yet again izzy trying to hide from you ;)

did it work? XD


9 years ago


9 years ago

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