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Merlin/Arthur Too drunk (to fuck)

Gaius: "Be careful with the wine, you know what you're like. One whiff of a barmaid's apron and you're singing like a sailor!"
Arthur: "I'll handle this. Merlin, you idiot! We've been at the sloe gin again?"
Merlin: "I'm too drunk to fuck."

Merlin/Arthur Fanvid
Spoilers: First season
Title: Too drunk (to fuck)
Song: 'Too Drunk To Fuck' by Nouvelle Vague
Length: 0:02:12
: avi
Warning: Drunk!Merlin
Download (Megaupload):
H264 (42,6 MB)
Xvid (42,8 MB)

Summary: Arthur has a tiny problem with his manservant. Merlin is too drunk to fuck...but not too drunk to stop blabbing and neither to stop doing magic. This is another 'Arthur finds out' (and forgets right after) story. It's also a story where Uther gets his little revenge over the boys (namely for this).

You know Drunk!Merlin is too drunk when:
1. He is too drunk to provide Arthur with the 'special manservant service'
2. He thinks shooting magical creatures unicorns car tires is loads and loads of fun
3. He thinks Arthur's sword is a gun

I noticed I tend to take songs for Merthur vids for adoption just as one of those old ladies takes stray cats home.
Well, this is one very misbehaved kitty. Watch out for the claws (vulgar language, vulagar concenpts - there exists such a thing as vulgar concepts, right?). :)
I'm sorry for all those vids I said I'd do and that are still there waiting for me... I have very little control over them. :S Have patience with me; I will make them eventually.

Forgot to say - glenien 's suggestion for the song.
Tags: fanvid, merlin/arthur
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